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scala::runtime::BoxesUtility Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Gilles Dubochet

Definition at line 18 of file BoxesUtility.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static Boolean boxToBoolean (boolean b)
static Byte boxToByte (byte b)
static Character boxToCharacter (char c)
static Double boxToDouble (double d)
static Float boxToFloat (float f)
static Integer boxToInteger (int i)
static Long boxToLong (long l)
static Short boxToShort (short s)
static boolean unboxToBoolean (Object b)
static byte unboxToByte (Object b)
static char unboxToChar (Object c)
static double unboxToDouble (Object d)
static float unboxToFloat (Object f)
static int unboxToInt (Object i)
static long unboxToLong (Object l)
static short unboxToShort (Object s)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Private Attributes

static Byte[] byteCache = new Byte[byteUpBound - byteLowBound + 1]
static int byteLowBound = -128
static int byteUpBound = 127
static Character[] charCache = new Character[charUpBound - charLowBound + 1]
static int charLowBound = 0
static int charUpBound = 255
static Integer[] intCache = new Integer[intUpBound - intLowBound + 1]
static int intLowBound = -128
static int intUpBound = 1024
static Long[] longCache = new Long[longUpBound - longLowBound + 1]
static int longLowBound = -128
static int longUpBound = 1024
static Short[] shortCache = new Short[shortUpBound - shortLowBound + 1]
static int shortLowBound = -128
static int shortUpBound = 127

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