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void scala::actors::FJTaskRunnerGroup::interruptAll (  )  [inline]

Try to shut down all FJTaskRunner threads in this group by interrupting them all. This method is designed to be used during cleanup when it is somehow known that all threads are idle. FJTaskRunners only check for interruption when they are not otherwise processing a task (and its generated subtasks, if any), so if any threads are active, shutdown may take a while, and may lead to unpredictable task processing.

Definition at line 329 of file FJTaskRunnerGroup.java.

References threads.

    // paranoically interrupt current thread last if in group.
    Thread current = Thread.currentThread();
    boolean stopCurrent = false;

    for (int i = 0; i < threads.length; ++i) {
      Thread t = threads[i];
      if (t == current) 
        stopCurrent = true;
    if (stopCurrent)

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