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scala::actors::FJTaskRunnerGroup::InvokableFJTask Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for scala::actors::FJTaskRunnerGroup::InvokableFJTask:


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Detailed Description

Wrap wait/notify mechanics around a task so that invoke() can wait it out

Definition at line 682 of file FJTaskRunnerGroup.java.

Public Member Functions

void cancel ()
void fork ()
final boolean isDone ()
void join ()
void reset ()
void run ()
void start ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void coInvoke (FJTask[] tasks)
static void coInvoke (FJTask task1, FJTask task2)
static FJTaskRunner getFJTaskRunner ()
static IFJTaskRunnerGroup getFJTaskRunnerGroup ()
static void invoke (FJTask t)
static FJTask par (FJTask task1, FJTask task2)
static FJTask par (FJTask[] tasks)
static FJTask seq (FJTask task1, FJTask task2)
static FJTask seq (FJTask[] tasks)
static void yield ()

Protected Member Functions

synchronized void awaitTermination () throws InterruptedException
 InvokableFJTask (Runnable r)
final void setDone ()
synchronized void setTerminated ()

Protected Attributes

boolean terminated = false
final Runnable wrapped

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